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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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Social Media Saves World, Predicts One M

Comments (12952) 04 Nov 2011 Hits:277589

Social Media Saves World, Predicts One Media Founder

How the prevalence of social media has enabled the new ideology of macro-synergy, and potentially saved the human race! The idea... Read more

Five Social Media Trends for 2011

Comments (16514) 27 Aug 2011 Hits:384037

BY STEPHANIE SCHWAB 234Share   Consumer Content Curation “Are we in the stream?”  That’s the #1 question that brand managers should... Read more

Personal Branding Essentials

Comments (8484) 07 Aug 2010 Hits:136626

Before we can really delve into marketing at large, here at the newly founded One Media Collective, we must begin... Read more

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